Understanding push notifications

What are push notifications? Push notifications are offered by companies such as OneSignal, SendPulse, Urban Airship, ZoPush, Aimtell, PushEngage, iZooto, and NotifyOn, enabling you to “push out” messages to potential clients directly through your browser.

By now, you have surely seen messages popping up on your browser, asking you if you want to subscribe to receive notifications. If you accept, this opens the door for messages to be sent to you by the website owner, as he or she uses one of the aforementioned services to compose and then send out messages directly through the browser. It is not only a great way to keep in touch, but more importantly, a great marketing tool, to increase conversions.

For more information, please read Getting Started With Web Push Notifications*.

* Courtesy of iZooto. We could have chosen others, but this one is quite acceptable.

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