Fast Communication (Why It's So Important)

When working with any client, it is imperative that the lines of communication remain wide open, so that we can get the work done. The most common way of communicating with our clients is through email, and so we make use of it frequently. Another common method of communicating is the phone. Both of these modes of communication are standard. Would you not agree? We thought you would agree, and if we're not mistaken, you also use these on a regular basis yourself for communicating with your own family. We agree that it is vitally important to keep in touch with your family members. It is vitally important to keep in touch with your boss, and your coworkers. It is also vitally important to keep in touch with whatever, and whoever, is important in our lives.

By the same token, it is also vitally important to keep in touch with us, when we are working on your website. We do not expect you to "just call us" or "just write us" if we have not initiated any form of communication with you (although you may if you wish). No, but rather, we want to remind you that it is vitally important for you to please, please, please! return our phone calls, or emails, immediately, as soon as you have received them. That's because during the design phase of your website, we are going to have questions which only you can answer. And if you don't answer them, what are we going to do? We are going to sit there, like a piece of moss on a log, twiddling our thumbs until the day comes to an end. That day will be miserable! We can't do that. And that's no way to run a business.

Building Your Website Requires Cooperation

Building your website requires cooperation. It is a team effort. We will be asking you questions on what you like, what you want, and what you need, not only at the beginning of the project, but during the design phase, as well. Why? Why not rather just ask them all at the beginning? Good question! (We thought you'd ask that!) As much as we would like all questions to be answered before beginning the work, as it turns out, some things are only unearthed after starting the work. It's kind of like marriage. Before getting married, not everything is worked out completely. Some things will have to be worked out during the marriage. While business is not marriage, it is a relationship, and you might as well realize from the "get go" that we will be working on your website together, inasmuch as we will require timely answers from you when we ask those questions via phone or email.

Are you too busy to do that? We understand, you may be busy. But unless you can either delegate someone to reliably and in short order answer those questions, or unless you can do that yourself, this job is simply not going to get done quickly and may easily drag on for needless extra months! For this reason, part of our cost structure includes a $150 per month consultation fee, which we will be charging you regardless of whether you give us the answers or not, regardless of how fast or how slowly you decide to answer our phone calls or emails. This is a entirely reasonable and fair amount to bill you for, and will be required to be paid prior to the go-live date, in accordance with our terms and conditions. You can speed up the process of seeing your website go-live at "rocket" speeds, by answering our questions via phone or email in a timely and efficient manner.

Thank-you for your diligence in this area. You can fully expect our phone calls and emails. They are coming. We assure you! Answer them quickly. The sooner and quicker they are answered, the sooner and quicker we can close off our contract with you and avoid any extra monthly consultation charges. All this is the cost of doing business. We want our business to be streamlined and efficient. And so do you. Let's do business together, and do it well.

Thank-you for your understanding.



Digital Dan (Dan Parkes) knows his stuff and designed my website according to spec, even going over and above my expectations. Dan pays attention to detail, being careful to create a nice clean look. My website loads much faster than it did before, is optimized for generating leads, and works! I recommend Digital Dan for your business website needs. If in doubt, feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to personally refer him to you.

Sam Crupi
Business Owner
Nepean Doors and Windows

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Digital Dan has got your back! Give us a shout and we'll provide you with a free detailed quote for your next business website!

Get a FREE detailed quote!

Digital Dan has got your back! Give us a shout and we'll provide you with a free detailed quote for your next business website!